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Comment choisir votre pierre précieuse de couleur ?

The guide to find the colored gemstone which corresponds to you

Choosing colored gemstones is choosing to express your personality through a strong symbolism. A variety, a color that speaks about you without you having to say a word.

This guide gives you precious advice to help you identify the colored stone that corresponds to you or to the person you wish to give it to.


All around us, in everyday life, colors carry symbols and moral values that influence their use. Think of the language of flowers for example. In the same way, the color of the stone you wear communicates these specific values and energies.

Blue stones are often associated with spirituality, calm, matter. For example, aquamarine was once a stone of protection for sailors.
Blue stones: sapphires, zircons, tourmalines, spinels, tanzanites or aquamarines

Tourmaline indigolite 26ct
Red is the color of energy, fire and courage. It is also the color of passion, of love. It is a color with a lot of character.
Red stones: rubies, garnets, spinels...

Pink stones are a more subdued version of red, easier to wear. They give off the same energies but in a more discreet way.
Pink stones: tourmalines, sapphires, morganites or spinels.
Tourmaline rose
Yellow is the color of spirit and happiness. It is a color that symbolizes intelligence and felicity, it is said that yellow stones enlighten and help in decision making.
Yellow stones: sapphires, citrines, tourmalines, topaz...

Green stones symbolize life and its cycle, it is the essence of nature, this color soothes, it symbolizes many things like hope, rebirth, or harmony.
Green stones: The emerald is the best known green stone, we also find the tsavorite garnet (very rare), tourmalines or sapphires...
Assortiment de pierres 
Orange symbolizes conviviality, friendship, it is a joyful color with a very positive energy due to the mixture of yellow and red. It is not a quiet force like green. This color is nevertheless more down to earth than yellow is.
Orange stones: malaya garnet, sapphires, tourmalines...

Purple is a mixture of blue and red, this color symbolizes wisdom, mystery, that which cannot be explained. It is a color that gives off an energy of reflection and not of action.
Purple stones: tanzanites, spinels, garnets or tourmalines.

Now that you have an idea of the color and symbolism that corresponds to you, you have to choose the color of the gold. Yellow gold is solar, it is a material that radiates and gives off a strong energy, white gold is more discreet but no less brilliant. Rose gold, like white gold, is more discreet but warmer than white gold, it gives off softness and poetry.
Your jewelry, whether worn daily or not, will be associated with the colors of your clothes. If associations are important to you, use the color wheel.
The color wheel orders the colors, it is a tool that allows you to identify harmonies and associations. We have 3 primary colors (red, yellow, blue), 3 secondary colors obtained with the primary ones (green, orange and violet), and 6 tertiary colors, resulting from the mixture between primary and secondary. This circle allows the distinction between hot and cold colors.
We can play on two types of agreement:

The monochrome:
We use the gradient of tones of a color, it is a camaieu. We can therefore start on a creation entirely blue, black, red, green, brown ...
The contrast :

Complementary colors
Opposites attract, and when we use complementary colors it creates contrast. They are arranged on the opposite side of the color wheel. Moreover, it is not essential that the main color and the complementary color are the same shade, one can be light and the other dark.
Analogous colors
A harmony of three colors that follow each other on the color wheel, we choose the main color and we add the color located to the left and right of the circle. This allows to have close colors while having more relief.
Triadic colors
For this harmony of colors it is necessary to work with an equilateral triangle on the circle, this allows to create a dynamic harmony thanks to these contrasts.  
So you have the tools to create combinations of stones for your jewelry and also match them to your outfits, use the color wheel to see where you stand in general and thus create the ring that you can wear every day. You can also match your jewelry to your hair color, for example the emerald goes very well to redheads, and the zircon to northern blondes. 

One of the questions we get the most is "how do I know what color works best with my skin tone?". Just like a perfume, a color that you like for its vibrancy can wear off on your skin.
In order for the stone to stand out best on your skin, it is advisable for darker skin tones to choose a stone with a bright, clear color, such as an intense blue, a deep red or a bright green. Darker stones, while luminous, will go very well with this type of skin tone.

Light skins will naturally go for more pastel stones, aquamarine blues, the green of Zambian emeralds, tourmalines... Soft and luminous colors that won't stand out too much on the skin.

Then comes the type of skin, if it is a rather yellow skin or a rather pink skin. Yellow skin will go very well with stones that are close on the color wheel.
Pink skin will go more towards stones that are pink, red, or close on the color wheel or opposite.

We hope this article has helped you, everyone is different and has different tastes, this is just a guide to help you. If you already know which stone you want, don't hesitate. A stone is a talisman and if your energies match, it doesn't matter what color your skin is.

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