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How to take care of your jewelry?

A piece of jewelry is a precious object, especially since it is often linked to a moment in life or to strong emotions. If they are carefully maintained, jewelry - especially gold jewelry - can remain in excellent condition for decades, which contributes greatly to its symbolism. Here is a selection of tips on how to care for your jewelry.
  • Keep your jewelry in separate cases: stones and jewelry, if stored in the same place, can scratch each other. Keep them in separate cases to avoid any risk.
  • Remove your jewelry before using chemicals: some stones and metals may be sensitive to substances that are harmless to us, such as those used in dishwashing.
  • Be aware of situations that could deform your ring: violent shocks or repeated pressure (when carrying a heavy load for example) can damage your ring.
  • Avoid wearing your jewelry while sleeping: the reason is that you may hit your jewelry (ring in particular) against a piece of furniture without realizing it.
  • Special care should be taken with silver jewelry: silver can oxidize, and is therefore generally sensitive to humidity. It is therefore safer to remove your silver jewelry to wash your hands or take a shower.
  • Chains are not indestructible: be careful not to pull on them violently, you risk weakening them.
  • Do not remove your jewelry by pulling on the stones: remove them by the metal instead to be sure not to widen the setting of the stones.
Many jewels are decorated with precious stones of all colors, like the jewels offered by Alchimie Paris. In this case, some stones require special attention.
  • Many stones are sensitive to thermal shocks: avoid staying exposed to the sun before jumping into icy water, this could weaken some stones like emerald or tourmaline.
  • Some stones fear heat: do not leave your emeralds, opals, amethysts or turquoise next to a window that is bathed in sunlight.
  • To wash your stones, use warm water and a little ammonia-free soap. Then use a cloth to wipe your jewelry.
Finally, as a general rule, you might consider taking your jewelry to a jeweler once or twice a year to have it checked, or even cleaned with an ultrasonic bath if the jeweler feels it is safe to do so (do not do this if your jewelry has an emerald, opal, tanzanite, tourmaline, zircon, star sapphire or garnet).
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