Practical guide: everything you need to know about Teal Sapphire.

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Within the sapphire family, there is one color variety that is becoming increasingly popular: The teal sapphire. In this practical guide we will share with you everything you need to know about this gemstone in order to make your choice and create a magnificent custom jewelry piece with it. Follow François Deprez our founder and expert in rough and cut gemstones in this incredible journey.

What is teal sapphire?

Teal sapphire is a member of the corundum family along with ruby and other sapphire colors. Its particularity and uniqueness lies in its blue-green or green-blue color. 

This color tone began to be popularized in the 2000s as new deposits were found in Madagascar and Tanzania in particular. Today this stone is a must in jewelry, it is often used as an alternative to blue sapphire for the realization of engagement rings. It is a stone that we know well at Nascendi since we source them directly from the mines in order to offer the best choice to our customers.

Custom Made Teal Sapphire Ring by Nascendi Paris

What are the colors of Teal Sapphire?

The color palette of teal sapphire is quite varied. It can range from moss green to azure blue, but its most popular color is a synthesis of blue and green. A unique combination reminiscent of the color duck blue. 

The colors of teal sapphire are the same as for other sapphire colors due to the presence of impurities within the stone. For teal sapphire it is traces of titanium and iron. The titanium will bring the blue color and the iron the yellow or green color. Depending on the predominance of titanium or iron the stone will have different shades. Each stone is therefore unique. 

Here are some photos of gemstone from our stock to illustrate the diversity of color of teal sapphire. 

With a dominant blue color
Source: ​​Nascendi product
Teal Sapphire with a balance of blue and green colors.
Source: ​​Nascendi Product

Where does Teal Sapphire come from?

Teal Sapphire can be found in many regions of the world but not all of these regions offer the same level of quality. Here is a list of the major mining regions: 


Many of the teal sapphires found on the market are from Tanzania. The country produces some of the most beautiful stones of this variety, especially in the Umba Valley. They have the particularity of having a color called "open" and therefore less dark than other sources. 


Like Tanzania many teal sapphires are found in this country. Madagascar has the distinction of providing the majority of teal sapphires over 2ct. We found the teal sapphires mostly in the north of the country. 


New teal sapphire deposits have been discovered in Nigeria in recent years. Teal sapphires from this region tend to be darker.

Teal sapphires are also found in other countries like Australia and the United States in Montana.

At Nascendi we source our teal sapphires mainly from Tanzania and Madagascar.   

Teal Sapphire rough sourced by Nascendi from Nigeria

How to choose a teal sapphire ?

Choosing a teal sapphire can sometimes be complex as there is so much information to take into account to make an informed decision. Here are the main information to take into account to make your choice: 

The color:

This is the most important aspect. There are as many colors as there are tastes. You will have to make a choice between a stone rather blue, rather green, rather dark or rather clear. To make the right choice, you can help you with the style of the person who will receive the jewelry, his skin color and possibly the color of his eyes. In any case, there is no wrong color and therefore no wrong choice. 

The clarity:

As with every stone it is advisable to appreciate the clarity of the stone before acquiring one. Compared to other sapphire colors, teal sapphire is easier to find with few or no inclusions even if the stone has not been heat treated. At Nascendi we only present teal sapphires with no or very few inclusions.

The treatments:

Many sapphires are heat treated to improve their clarity and color. For teal sapphires it is quite different. Indeed, these sapphires are usually found in fine quality and rarely need to be treated. This is why the treatment has little impact on the price of this variety of sapphire, unlike blue sapphire in particular. 

If you have any hesitation in making your choice, do not hesitate to contact us on whatsapp. We will be happy to help. 

What is the price of teal sapphire? 

As with every variety of stone, the price of teal sapphire can vary depending on several factors: weight, treatment, clarity and color. 
For teal sapphire, treatment or clarity has relatively little impact on price as these stones are relatively easier to find with good clarity and without treatment than other colors of sapphire.

Color and weight will have a significant impact on price. The price of teal sapphire will increase exponentially with weight.

For a beautifully colored teal sapphire prices can start at $500 per carat for a 1ct stone and will exceed $1000 per carat for a 3ct stone. Some stones of exceptional quality may exceed this price. 

Is teal sapphire a good choice for an engagement ring?

Like sapphires of other colors, teal sapphire is a very good choice for an engagement ring or a birthstone ring. It is a very hard stone (9 on the Mohs scale) and is a nice alternative to the traditional blue sapphire. This stone will bring a touch of modernity to any setting.  

Teal Sapphire Engagement ring
Source: Nascendi custom ​​ring