Our gemstones

Discover the largest selection of high quality gemstones online and without intermediaries.

We source our stones from the mine or from major cutting centers where we have offices, including Sri Lanka and Bangkok.

How we source our gemstones ?

Our goal is to shorten the path between the mine and the hand as much as possible. The universe of stones being so vast we have different modes of sourcing according to the varieties of stones.

The first level: sourcing directly from the mine or mining cooperative. This is the sourcing method we prefer for our stones. We then cut these stones from our workshop in Bangkok.

The second level: sourcing from local brokers. We work with trusted brokers in different regions of the world. They do a great job of selection and rough stones from different mines that can be spread in a very important area. We then cut the stones from our workshop in Bangkok.

The 3rd and last level: sourcing from the main size centers. From our offices in Bangkok, Sri Lanka and soon in Jaipur we source many stones from local traders.

This diversity in our sourcing allows us to meet the majority of requests for precious and fine stones.