Mahenge Spinel

Mahenge Spinel is one of the rarest gemstone on hearth. The best known and rarest color of this variety is pink with a slight tinge of red.  We can only find that gemstone in the Mahenge province in Tanzania. We can also find red or blue Spinel in that region. 

Above 1ct it is very difficult to find some with a nice color and without inclusions. Nascendi shows you here a great collection. 

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Mahenge Spinel price and value

The value of Spinel Mahenge is quite difficult to assess because of the small number of these gemstones on the market. The price obviously varies greatly depending on its clarity, color and weight.

For a beautiful stone between 1ct and 2ct and without too many inclusions we can count at least 2500$/ct. For a stone of 5ct and more with a little visible inclusion we can count 12000$/ct minimum. For a more important stone without inclusion, there is no real market price since they are exceptional stones. Although this stone is considered "fine", it is far more valuable than many sapphires or emeralds.

The most beautiful stones of this variety are off-market and rarely visible to the public. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to acquire one.

Mahenge Spinel origins

Mahenge Spinel is only mined in the province of Mahenge in Tanzania. Laboratory certificates can easily attest to their origin.

Mahenge Spinel colors

Mahenge spinel can be found in a variety of colors but its most requested hue is pink with a slight red tinge. One can also find this stone in red or blue but these stones will not have the Mahenge market name.

Mahenge Spinel characteristics

Mahenge spinel is very rare to find without inclusion over 1ct. This is why the finest specimens can reach very high prices. This stone is often preferred to pink sapphire because of its slight red tint, as opposed to sapphire which often has a slight purple tint.

This stone is rated at 8 on the Mohs scale, which makes it an ideal stone for use in jewelry.

Mahenge Spinel is very rarely treated.

Mahenge Spinel birthstone and wedding anniversary

Spinel and therefore Spinel Mahenge is the new birthstone of the month of August.

The spinel celebrates the 22nd wedding anniversary.

Mahenge Spinel mineral details:

Mineral Spinel (Magnesium oxyde
Formula MgAl2O4
Color Grey, Purple, Blue, Pink, Red
Mohs Hardness 8
Refractive Index 1,712 to 1,720