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What are the delivery times? Are the stones certified? What is the clarity of a stone?
Here you will find answers to the most common questions asked by our customers.
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All our stones are systematically delivered with an ICA memo card certificate (The International Colored Gemstone Association).

You can also check the authenticity of the ICA memo card with the following link:

If the stone is already certified, we do not systematically add an ICA certificate, in which case you can request one. If you wish to receive an additional certificate or change laboratory, please contact us.

The other laboratories we work with are:

- ICA GemLab Gem Report: about 70€.

- AIGS Gem Report: 80€ approx.

- Lotus Gem Report: about 120€.

- GIA Gem Report: approx. 150€.

The clarity of a stone refers to its inclusions, small natural internal features that a stone may contain.

To measure it, we have established 5 categories:

- Loupe clean: The stone is free of inclusions under a 10x magnifying glass.

- Eye clean: The stone is free of inclusions visible to the naked eye.

- Slightly included: Inclusions are slightly visible to the naked eye, but do not impact the brilliance or beauty of the stone.

- Moderately included: Inclusions are visible to the naked eye, light reflection and/or colour are slightly inhibited.

- Strongly included: Inclusions are strongly visible to the naked eye, without any magnification with a magnifying glass.

This analysis is performed by our gemologists at the time of gemstone selection.

We offer both treated and untreated stones.

In jewellery, treatments are necessary on some stones to enhance their natural beauty, bring out their colour and reduce inclusions.

We accept natural treatment methods, such as:

- Heating: this is a technique used on many stones, which involves replicating the action of the earth: the stones are exposed to high heat, which naturally changes their colour and strengthens them.

- Emerald oiling: emeralds are naturally embedded, so they are soaked in colourless oil baths to fill their cavities (usually cedar oil).

We also offer untreated stones. It is important to note that untreated stones are more expensive because they are rarer.

You have the possibility to pay your order via :

- Paypal

- Payment by card (via Stripe)

- Bank transfer

We suggest that you save your payment information when you place your order. This will make it easier for you to place future orders.

To change your payment information, go to your "My Account" area.

Your banking information is never in our possession. Transactions are processed entirely by the secure payment module of our partner Stripe. Your payment is totally secure.

We invite you to read the terms and conditions of Stripe, the terms and conditions of Paypal or those of your own bank.

In order to guarantee you a totally secure delivery, we work with La Poste, DHL, FedEx and Ferrari.

Orders are received either by hand delivery via DHL or FedEx, or at the post office if the shipment is made with declared value.

We depend on our customs forwarder, so delivery time may vary depending on their ability to handle customs clearance but also on the location of the stone.

If you lose your parcel or have no tracking information, please contact our customer service by e-mail at

You can make a return request up to 7 days after receiving your order.

However, there is no guarantee for any damages caused to the stone after receipt. The stone must never be set up or altered before being returned. Any alteration of the stone will alter the possibility of returning it, and a verification upon reception of the return will always be made.

Returns are free of charge for a maximum of 2 stones per month, beyond this limit, returns will be charged at 70€ per stone.

The refund of the return will be made within 15 days after receiving the stone in our offices located near the cutting centre where the stone came from.

What our customers say

“Grâce à vous, j’ai pu obtenir 
la bague que je souhaitais offrir à ma compagne pour nos fiançailles tout en restant dans le budget prévu initialement et en augmentant la taille et la qualité des pierres sur la monture.

Un travail de qualité, une équipe à l’écoute de ses clients et un délai de production et de réception respectés.”

Maxime B.

“J’ai fait appel à Maison Nascendi 
pour une occasion très spéciale. Je souhaitais offrir pour le baptême de ma petite fille un présent unique et orignal : une pierre couleur de ses yeux bleus.

La pierre qui m’a été proposée, une aigue-marine, est magnifique ! J’adore.

Merci à vous tous.”

Isabelle C.

“Une super expérience !!
L’équipe de Maison Nascendi est très chaleureuse et de très bons conseils ! Je suis très satisfait du résultat : pierre d’une grande finesse, modèle de bague sur mesure, prix ultra compétitif et délais très raisonnables (2 semaines).

Je recommande vivement cette Maison de joaillerie.”

Baptiste A.

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